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BOOK REVIEW: The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

Stella Starflake Pearl knows deep down that she’s an explorer – she’s got a middle name and all explorers have middle names! Defying the rules that no girls are allowed to explore, Stella tags along with her father on the latest Polar Bear Club expedition. When trouble out on the ice strikes, Stella is joined by Shay, a wolf whisperer, Ethan, a magician, and Beanie, a medic-in-training on an unforgettable adventure that will see them face off against some scary foes and put their differences aside to protect each other.

This book was SO MUCH FUN! The first page starts with mention of unicorns, so I was already pretty sold, but a few chapters in we get miniature dinosaurs, fairies, and a tiny igloo full of penguins! The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club is a fun-filled adventure book with some mystery thrown in – Stella has never met her real parents, and was instead found in the snow by Felix, who she considers her real dad. There is always a mystery surrounding Stella, with her creepy nightmare and snow white skin and hair. It’s always great to have something strange focused around a main character – it makes me want to know what’s going on!

Alex Bell has created a really good cast of characters; Shay is kind and very much the protector of the group, Ethan is a selfish, stubborn kid with a sad past, and Beanie is good with facts and is quite an eccentric character. These are a great cast and I can’t wait to see more from this world and what adventures they get up to!

Final thought: A frosty adventure with plenty of heart! 4/5

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