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#SixForSunday – Favourite Tropes

Good morning! Today is another #SixForSunday post, hosted by the amazing Steph! This week, we’re discussing favourite writing tropes – I’ve got tons that I like so it’ll be really hard to get it down to six…


  1. Enemies to friends to lovers.
    I LOVE THIS TROPE! Hands down it’s the best way for me to read something romantic in a book. I despise insta-love, so it makes it so worthwhile when characters start of hating each other, then the hatred thaws, and once they’re friends they think “What if…?” Ah I love it!
  2. Bad/Brooding boy with tragic past
    When this is done right, it’s absolutely perfect. When it’s done wrong, I hate it. The Bad boy with a dark past/terrible secret done right has made for some favourite characters of mine (Kaz, Kell, Draco) so of course it’s one I really enjoy.
  3. Misunderstood Bad Boys
    DRACO MALFOY WAS MISUNDERSTOOD OKAY!? Okay…*breathes* I love it when a bad boy is misunderstood and their agenda is just purely for their own gain to try to better themselves.
  4. Lonely Rich Kids
    Oh dear…I’ve thought of at least four characters that fit this bill…the lonely rich kid has everything they ever want but doesn’t have any friends, or their friends are there because of money. I love this one!
  5. Accidental Hero
    I love an accidental hero! They didn’t mean to save the day but suddenly are the greatest in the world…They didn’t ask for this!
  6. Anti-Hero
    An anti-hero has to be one of the greatest character types. They’re not the hero, but what they’re doing is heroic in their own right!

So there you have it, my six favourite tropes! Of course, it does seem to be all rambling about bad boys but…who doesn’t like the bad boy?

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