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Bookish Buddies: Characters We Sympathise With

Hey friends! It’s been a while since the last Bookish Buddies post on my blog! If you’re new to this, it’s a collaboration post where me and Amy over at GoldenBooksGirl read a different book each month and then do a Top 3 Post of something we love that is related to the book. This month, we aimed to read The House With Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson, and while I didn’t actually get around to doing so (oops), we agreed that we could still write a post on characters we sympathise with. So, here we go for another Bookish Buddies!


Elliot from Who Let the Gods Out

Elliot is a young carer for his mum, who has dementia, and I think he’s incredible. I love that he isn’t perfect, but does his best to help her in any way he can above anything else and is deeply protective of her.

Hazel from Murder Most Unladylike series

Hazel is one of the best characters I’ve ever read; I adore her, so the casual racism she has to face in each book incenses me beyond words, and it’s because of this and a few other reasons (that are a bit spoilery) in more recent books that I feel so much sympathy towards her.

Ade from Boy in the Tower

Even before the world quite literally starts caving in around him, Ade has a hell of a lot to cope with, such as his mum’s agoraphobia, and I’m reduced to tears every time I read this again. He’s so caring and kind and tried so hard to help others, and it’s this that makes him one of my favourite book characters ever, and by far my favourite male main character I’ve ever read.


Kaz Brekker from Six Of Crows

I really, really sympathise with Kaz. He lost his brother at a young age after being scammed and conned after moving to the city, leaving him alone to fend for himself. He’s scrambled to the top of the ladder, and still doesn’t get that much respect for it. Add this to his PTSD and you’ve got a character that I love so much and just want him to be happy.

Zélie from Children of Blood and Bone

God, Zélie really has it rough. Witnessing the murder of her mother at a young age, constantly being hurled racial abuse from the royal guards, and cut off from her magic bloodline. So when her magic is awoken and she is tasked with connecting the lands to the gods again, Zélie has a lot on her plate. She’s such a strongly crafted character, but it’s so tough not to want to cry as she has her constant self-doubt toying with her every thought.

Mateo from They Both Die At The End

I can’t think about this book without feeling tearful, but Mateo is such a well crafted character it’s hard not to sympathise with him. He’s so afraid of living his life, especially as his father is in a coma. He wants to make sure everything is alright for when he wakes up, severely impacting his own life. When he meets Rufus and starts getting out of his apartment and his comfort zone, it does make you feel a small glimmer of hope – until you remember the title of the book…

So there you have it – our Top 3 characters we sympathise with! Are there any others you’d add to form your own list? Or perhaps you agree with all of our choices! Regardless, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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