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#SixForSunday – Favourite Blog Posts

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m back on the #SixForSunday blog posts. Every Sunday there is a different prompt (which can be found over here) about books, characters, blog posts and other bookish things. This Sunday, the prompt is…

Favourite blog posts you’ve written

  1. Those Beloved Books: Harry Potter
    I enjoyed everything about this post – from painstakingly setting up and taking all of the photos, to reminiscing about what made me love Harry Potter as much as I do. It’s definitely one of my big favourites, and I intend to do more of this series soon.
  2. Why ‘Love, Simon’ is important
    This post was so good to write, and it reached a lot of people too. I felt truly passionate being able to write about why such a sweet love story being made into a film was important for many people.
  3. ‘I Was Born for This’ book review
    One of my favourite books of 2018, it makes sense that it would be featured on this list of favourite blog posts! I loved writing this review so much, and was able to share how much I loved this book and how great it was to read.
  4. #KazDoesYALC
    Would I pass up the opportunity to write about my kickass Kaz Brekker cosplay? Of course not. That’s why it’s one of my top favourites I’ve written!
  5. All Reading is Reading
    A single tweet inspired this post – which was great because it allowed me to share my feelings about bookish snobbery towards different types of books. I had lots of people also share the same viewpoint which is very reassuring!
  6. ‘The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue’ book review
    One of my favourite books of last year! I loved writing this review and reading it back just reminds me of how much I truly enjoyed Monty and Percy’s story.

There you have it! Six of my all-time favourite blog posts I’ve written! Make sure to check them out and give them a read if you haven’t already!

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