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Looking back at… 2018 Bookish Resolutions

At the beginning of 2018, I set myself some Bookish Resolutions’ in the hopes that I would keep to them and maybe push myself to read more books, or perhaps to read a different genre! Now that the year is over, I thought I’d take a look back at them now and see how well I did.

Read 50 Books

I managed to do this – and I actually doubled my goal! I always attempt to read 50 books at least, but for me to read over 100 this year is a huge achievement for me. Some may say that books like graphic novels and manga don’t count, but I don’t listen to people like that. I’ve read so much this year – and a varied selection too! Poetry, non-fiction, short story compilations, stuff that I wouldn’t usually pick up! I’m really proud that I managed to read so much.

Read more adult books

When I started this blog, I read primarily YA books with no adult books at all. That changed this year – I read a ton of adult fantasy which was glorious! I also read a lot of adult non-fiction – one of my personal favourites is Letter From Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King, Jr.. It was a striking and at times terrifying read – as a lot of it is prominent in the world today. I think I definitely did well with this resolution!

Write more

I actually did write a lot more this year! They may have been the beginnings of story ideas I never got around to finishing, but I definitely did push myself to write more! I even sat and wrote a whole part of a story idea that came out of nowhere, which was fun to do!

Review every book I read

Ah…ahahah…this one didn’t happen. It became virtually impossible to juggle work, reading, reviewing, photography, blogging and just life in general. There was never enough time in the day to review every single book I read! I acknowledged in my original post that I thought this would be a really tricky resolution to keep – and I was right!

Did you have any bookish resolutions of 2018? And did you manage to stick to any?

3 thoughts on “Looking back at… 2018 Bookish Resolutions

  1. Wow, 100 books is such an achievement (and of course graphic novels count, ignore those people!). I didn’t really set any goals for this year, but next year I definitely want to *try* and review every book I read, as well as read some bigger books that I own and don’t read books just because they’re popular, read books that I know I’ll actually enjoy! ❤

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