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PROUD BLOG TOUR: Favourite LGBT+ Characters

Hello everyone! Today, I’m taking part in the PROUD blog tour, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a list of my favourite LGBT+ characters. You may notice that quite a few of them come from books by Alice Oseman. Reason being is that she writes such exceptional and relatable LGBT+ characters, and the ones that I love are often so well written without box ticking – so how could I not include them on my list?

Read on a list of some of my favourite LGBT+ characters – I couldn’t include them all otherwise the list would be never-ending! I’ve included a quote with each of the characters too, so you can get a little bit more of a feel for what they’re like.

Frances Janvier, Radio Silence – Bisexual

“…it felt like we were friends. Friends who barely knew anything about each other except the other’s most private secret.” 

Frances is such an interesting character. She doesn’t let her sexuality define her, it’s just the way she is. She’s not hugely open about it, but she doesn’t have to be. For Frances, her sexuality doesn’t define her, and it’s more a case of her understanding herself and her own feelings first before letting anyone else in on the knowledge, and I can really respect her for that.

Cameron Post, The Miseducation of Cameron Post – Lesbian

“Maybe I still haven’t become me. I don’t know how you tell for sure when you finally have.” 

Cameron Post is an incredibly strong-willed character. Sent to a gay conversion camp when she’s caught snogging another girl, Cameron doesn’t give in to their desperation for her to change her ways, and sees the camp for exactly what it is. She goes along with it but deep down she knows she’ll never change. The scenes at the beginning of the book with her self-discovery, first kisses and crushes are such beautiful parts of Cameron’s understanding about her sexuality, as well as her confusion. She’s a brilliant character.

Noah Grimes, Noah Can’t Even – Gay

“People can think and say what they like. They will anyway. And who cares?”

Noah is definitely a character who will resonate with young LGBT+ readers – the ones who may fiercely deny their sexuality despite knowing deep down that they aren’t straight. Noah has many internal dialogues in which he wonders whether he’s actually gay, despite kissing Harry and thoroughly enjoying it. He’s a bundle of confusion, worries and is a wonderfully funny and likeable character.

Nick Nelson, Heartstopper – Bisexual

“I-I still like girls, but…I like guys too, I think…”

Nick. Nelson. Ultimately one of my Top 3 of LGBT+ characters. Nick is such an absolute sweetheart, and his story arc as he realises his sexuality is such a brilliantly relatable one. He’s confused, but he’s also wary too. Nick doesn’t want to rush things when his feelings are so new and fresh. There are scenes in the comic where he researches sexuality and what bisexuality means, which is such a point of growth for him, and he goes from shy and nervous to confident and proud.

Lister Bird, I Was Born For This – Bisexual

“I saw you two lying there in bed looking like…I dunno…a married couple or something…I’d never felt so fucking miserable and alone.”

Oh man, Lister Bird. Lister is, essentially, a mess. Hiding behind his pretend playboy life, Lister is actually quite lonely and head over heels in love with friend and bandmate, Jimmy. He can’t help that he’s fallen in love, but tries so hard to squash it down by drinking his troubles away. Lister is one of my favourite characters of all time from the books I’ve read, and it really sucks to see him struggle once the exterior wall of defence has been broken.

Jimmy Kaga-Ricci, I Was Born For This – Transgender FtM, gay

“How can you love someone that you’ve never met in real life?”

Jimmy is everything. He’s out and he’s proud of it, and refuses to listen to what the media has to say about him. I feel that Jimmy is a character that many trans teenagers will be able to look up to, as someone who is finally comfortable in his own skin when concerning gender. He’s also a character that is relatable with his own dealings of anxiety and mental health, which I talk about more in detail in my review of the book here.

Felicity Montague, The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy – Asexual

“You deserve to be here. You deserve to exist. You deserve to take up space in this world
of men.” 

Felicity is fierce. Her determination to succeed in a world where men would rather see her hide behind a stove in the kitchen is brilliant, and everything that she strives to do to prove those same men wrong is so full of courage and hope. She’s also a character that feels no sexual or romantic attraction to anyone at all, and she’s not fussed about it at all. Other characters sometimes try to make a big deal of it, but Felicity just explains that she doesn’t have any desires to kiss or be with anyone, and that she’s perfectly fine with that.

Percy Newton, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Gay

“When you love someone, you stand by him. Even when he’s being a bit of a rake.”

Percy is a wonderful character – and an absolute saint for putting up with the shit that Monty puts him through on a daily basis. He’s very loyal to his friends and he’s also proud of who he is – being a gay black boy with epilepsy in the 1800s was most likely incredibly tough. Nevertheless, Percy is sweet, soft, and is always true to himself.

Do you guys have any favourite LGBT+ characters? Let me know who they are in the comments!

Tomorrow marks the release date of Proud! Next up on the blog tour is a special release day post over on LGBTQ Reads, so don’t forget to check it out!

5 thoughts on “PROUD BLOG TOUR: Favourite LGBT+ Characters

  1. Brilliant post, Layla. Noah Grimes is one of my absolute favourite book characters – he’s such a funny lovable character. I’m looking forward to reading The Miseducation of Cameron Post, I’ve been told nothing but positive things about the book. All my current reads are LGBTQ+ themed at the moment so I’m sure I’ll have loads more favourites soon Thanks for sharing 😁 x


  2. I feel betrayed Monty wasn’t on this list! I love Felicity though she’s one of my favourite female characters of all time.

    I would definitely put Vivi from The Cruel Prince on this list – though she’s a side character I always look forward to her scenes.

    Love this post! Added some books to my tbr


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