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WORLD BOOK DAY: Top 5 Childhood Reads

Happy World Book Day everyone! This is such an important day for young readers, especially for those children who cannot afford to purchase many books to read.

This year, the World Book Day theme is ‘Share a Story’ – and I’ve joined with a group of other UKYA book bloggers to share some of our favourite childhood reads in a whole day of blog hopping! Before me, Charlotte over at Wonderfully Bookish talked about her favourite childhood reads, and now it’s my turn!

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The Twits – Roald Dahl


I think I read this book to death as a child. There was once a time where I finished reading it and started reading it straight away because I enjoyed it that much. My favourite of the Dahl books, The Twits is a book about two truly horrible people – who ultimately get their comeuppance for being such horrid people. It’s a short and fun read.

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket


It wouldn’t be one of my book lists if I didn’t include A Series of Unfortunate Events! Easily one of my favourite series of ALL TIME, these books were ones that I would routinely ask for for my birthday and would devour them within days when I got them. They are such fantastic books about three smart kids in a world of ridiculously idiotic adults. And yes, the Netflix adaptation is so true to the book and so, so good.

Milly Molly Mandy – Joyce Lankester Brisley


This is a series that reminds me of reading with my nan as a child. We used to sit together and read these stories, and I would have a little doll that reminded me so much of Milly Molly Mandy that I had to hold her as we read! The stories give off such a truly classic vibe, with dainty illustrations – and it may actually be the first book that started my love of maps, as there is a map of the entire village that I always used to look at to imagine exactly where the stories took place. It’s a classic that we both still love today!


Candyfloss – Jacqueline Wilson


Goodness me, it was hard to whittle down the huge list of Jacqueline Wilson books that I read and adored as a kid! I loved Candyfloss, and really loved the main character Floss and her internal struggle about whether she wants to move with her mum to Australia or stay with her dad. There are lots of ups and downs in the book, but Floss ultimately learns that she can find happiness, even when everything looks bleak. Candyfloss was a book that gave me an insight into another world that wasn’t familiar to me, yet taught me about this world too.

The Worst Witch – Jill Murphy


One of my all-time favourite series! I adored Mildred Hubble and her terrible attempts at being a witch-in-training – everything she did seemed to go wrong! Paired with wonderful illustrations, The Worst Witch is a great series about friendship, standing up against bullies, and trying your hand at something even if it goes wrong – because you’ll never know unless you try.

Next up on the blog hop is Vicky from What Vicky Read – she’ll be sharing her favourites, so make sure to check out her blog! Make sure to follow along with the rest of the bloggers all day today for some truly excellent posts all about our favourite childhood reads – and happy World Book Day!

23 thoughts on “WORLD BOOK DAY: Top 5 Childhood Reads

  1. Oo yaas, I loved A Series of Unfortunate Events!! I adored Jacqueline Wilson too but I don’t think I ever ready Candyfloss, I clearly was an unreliable fan!

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  2. Gosh all of these posts are bringing back so many memories! The Twits was my favourite Roald Dahl book, and Jacqueline Wilson dominated my childhood haha. I completely forgot about the Milly Molly Mandy books too! Loved this x

    Evie x |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes to Jacqeline Wilson! I really struggled to choose just one too!

    Also loved The Twits, but I much preferred Matilda and BFG over it. It’s so fascinating how we all enjoy different things.

    And with The Worst Witch – I think I only ever watched the TV show! What a bad reader that makes me! haha.

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  4. I was exactly the same as you with The Twits, although I used to pretend they were my older brother and sister (I love them really). A Series of Unfortunate Events and Worst Witch we’re also some of my favourites too 😍

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  5. I LOVED The Worst Witch, I ended up buying them for my goddaughter so she can know the joy too!

    I also loved Jacqueline Wilson, I have a special affinity for The Suitcase Kid, I think that’s probably because she visited the local library just after it was released to talk to the year sixes from my primary school, I was only in year five but they let us go over the road after the talk so I got a signed copy. I’d almost forgotten all about it!


  6. Oh my God the nostaligia! I remember The Twits, and Candyfloss although I remember not reading the ending because I had to return it and just left it – but they had those chip butties oh wow. And The Worst Witch which I didn’t read but saw in my school a alot. Just that cover is stirring up memories!


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