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I was tagged in a brand new tag by the lovely Meggan! It’s based on the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I only started watching last year but really love and enjoy the show! If you haven’t watched it, make sure you do! Now…onwards to the tag!

Jake Peralta;
A protagonist that you can’t help but love

Crowley from Good Omens. Despite his demonly qualities, he’s incredibly clever and funny too. Every moment of Crowley in the book was met with a grin from me!

Amy Santiago;
Strong female character

Starr in The Hate U Give. Starr’s strength grows within the book, and it really shines as you read. Starr always had strength in her, it just took a bit of self-confidence to let it show.

Gina Linetti;
Favourite book including royalty

The Wicked King. Hot off of the heels of backstabbing royals in The Cruel Prince, TWK steps it up a notch, with Cardan becoming villainously clever and cunning to get his way – all while lounging on the throne.

Terry Jeffords;
Book that has the best character development

Heartstopper – specifically Nick Nelson! It’s always a joy to reread Heartstopper panels and see Nick growing in confidence, personality and life in general. It’s also great to see Charlie grow into a more confident person when Nick is around.

Raymond Holt;
Book that was boring at first impression, but turned out to be amazing

I might go for a classic here and say Dracula. A lot of the beginning was rather dull setting up, but it soon became an intense and dramatic read full of gasps!

Charles Boyle;
Character who provides the best comedy relief in tense moments

Finian from Aurora Rising. Fin always has a quip or comment to make about the situations the crew find themselves in, no matter how perilous!

Rosa Diaz;
A character you love, but who could kill you in a second

Victor Vale – easy! I adore him, but you know if you said one wrong thing then you’d be dead in seconds. Especially after the events of Vengeful, you know Victor isn’t one to be messed with.

Hitchcock & Scully;
Favourite duology

Six of Crows! Is there any other answer for this? Nope! My all-time favourite duology – it’s easily the best one for this list!

Favourite furry companion

Does Mister Kindly from Nevernight count? I know he’s not furry but he takes the shape of a cat… I’m counting him! He’s always there for Mia and is rather witty too.

NOICE! That was so much fun! For this one, I’m tagging…:

Jemma @ Fantastic Book & Where To Find Them

Jemima @ Drinking Books

And if you’re reading this and you enjoyed the tag, I’m tagging you!


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