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BOOK BLOG TOUR: Love, Secret Santa Author Q&A

Hello everyone! Who else is feeling festive? I know I am!

Today, I’m incredibly lucky to be kicking off the Love, Secret Santa blog tour! Love, Secret Santa is the story of study-driven Angel who is also juggling the school charity fundraiser. Unfortunately, her fundraising partner is Caspar Johnson: handsome, creative and fun, but TOTALLY unreliable.

Thank goodness for her Secret Santa who keeps leaving her amazing presents, including an intriguing hand-made advent calendar! Angel is dying to find out who her secret admirer is . .

I’m thrilled to be featuring an interview with Love, Secret Santa author S.A. Domingo – it’s all very festive and fun! I hope you enjoy it!


Where did the idea for Love, Secret Santa come from?

I was really excited to write a festive romantic story for younger adults, as I’ve written adult romance, but love YA. I was also really keen to have a love story that featured young black characters, as I would have definitely liked to read a story like this as a young woman. So, bringing Angel and Caspar to life in Love, Secret Santa was a great opportunity to make that a reality!

There are so many different types of advent calendars around now, you can get candles, lipsticks and much more! What would be in your dream advent calendar?

Hah! Yes that’s definitely true. I’d say one with a surprise book per day, but given my shelves are already overflowing that might be a bad idea. But I’m hugely partial to a good hand cream and a good lip balm, so some combo of those would be good!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Tough one – it would have to be something from Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (naturally), but not the obvious classic All I Want for Christmas Is You, though that is great. I think my favourite would have to be her rendition of Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child – even though I’m not religious, I can’t resist a gospel choir!

What would be your line up for a Christmas movie marathon?

Oooh, it would have to start with When Harry Met Sally which I watch every year, even though it only has one Christmassy bit. It’s a perfect film, funny and romantic. And with amazing screenplay by Norah Ephron! I also really like The Family Stone as it just has a great family Christmas feel (and again, romantic!).

Then I’d round off with This Christmas, a random Christmas film that I caught once and really enjoyed even though Chris Brown’s rendition of the eponymous song can’t hold a candle to the Donny Hathaway version!

Without giving away too many spoilers, what was your favourite scene to write?

I really loved working on the sequence at the end of the book that ends up in London… I don’t want to say too much, but even though I wasn’t writing the book in winter, it made me feel all romantic and Christmassy!

Can you talk us through a typical day of writing?

Well, it usually involves a lot of procrastination. There’s nothing like needed to actually get some words down on the page to suddenly ignite a need to do all the cleaning, tidying, online shopping, social media etc etc that you previously had neglected! But then I’ll knuckle down, usually at my desk in our second bedroom, set my app (Forest) that stops me going on my phone, and get a good couple of thousand words written!

Will we see more books from you in the future?

Absolutely! I’ve got a lot of book projects coming up, including another Young Adult romance with Hachette called Love On the Main Stage in Summer 2020, set during festival season! And I have another romance for adults due out next year, and an anthology of romantic fiction written by British women of colour due in early 2021. Look out for them!

Love, Secret Santa is out now! If you’re looking for a cosy, Christmassy romance to read this year, this is the one to go for!

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