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BOOK TAG: Bookish Christmas Squad

Ooh, it’s not long to go until Christmas, only a couple more days! To get even more into the Christmas spirit, I wanted to take part in this very festive book tag that Beth at BooksNest and Lauren at FictionTea made! I wasn’t tagged, but I wanted to do it as it seemed like a really fun idea.


Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post
Link to both creators’ blogs ( & in your post
Tag 5 others to take part


The Gift Giver
The Scrooge
The Tree Decorator
The Excitable Christmas Enthusiast
The Games Master
The One Who’s Been in their Pyjamas All Day
The One Who Dressed up as Santa

The Gift Giver – Nick Nelson, Heartstopper

Nick would be the kind of person that would agonise over every single gift to try and get it perfect and still find fault on Christmas Day! He’d also probably be the kind of person that would go overboard, finding little things as Christmas presents and then realising how much stuff he’s got once he starts wrapping…

The Scrooge – Kaliis, Aurora Rising

Kal seems to be the kind of person that would roll his eyes at everything or anything festive, and wouldn’t want to get involved at all. Christmas would most likely be too over the top for him…

The Tree Decorator – Jesper Fahey, Six of Crows

Jesper would make the Christmas tree and everything else surrounding it completely over-the-top festive and garish! Mismatched baubles, tons of tinsel, different coloured lights, the works! He’d probably wear Christmas themed clothes too with festive prints all over, or even a light up Christmas jumper…

The Excitable Christmas Enthusiast – Rhy Maresh, A Darker Shade of Magic

I think that Rhy would be the kind of person to start celebrating Christmas from November 1st, right after Halloween.  Christmas music, films, the works, and he wouldn’t shut up about it either!

The Games Master – Darlington, Ninth House

Darlington is the kind of person that would meticulously plan what games to plan, whilst also making sure that everyone plays by the rules. He’d probably also give everyone a history lesson on the game as well as random facts too.

The One Who’s Been in their Pyjamas All Day – Cardan Greenbriar, The Cruel Prince

Christmas would be the perfect opportunity for Cardan to lounge about doing absolutely nothing whilst being showered with gifts and not getting dressed at all. He’d probably also take the chance to get as drunk as he could on faerie wine and say ridiculously regrettable things. Wait. Just like any other day then…

The One Who Dressed Up As Santa – Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

I have a feeling that Ron would love being festive and would happily dress up as Santa in order to make sure that everyone has a smile on their faces at Christmas – as well as giving his friends and family a good laugh.

I haven’t tagged anyone, so if you see this and want to take part then I tag you! Make sure you follow the rules above, and have tons of fun making your own bookish Christmas Squad.

One thought on “BOOK TAG: Bookish Christmas Squad

  1. Jesper and Ron are PERFECT for their roles 😂 I can absolutely see Jesper especially making the tree as ridiculous as possible and Kaz being like “wtf is this shit”.

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