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Okay, so after the success of the Osemanverse book tag, I’ve finally decided on what tag to make next. It really should have been obvious to me to make a Six Of Crows book tag, but it never occured to me until now…

I haven’t actually seen a Six of Crows book tag around before, but if you’ve made one before please let me know so that I can share it as well as take part! I’ve included official artwork for The Dregs, but some of these characters I’ve never seen art of before – which is why there isn’t art all the way through!

Artwork used is official artwork from the Crooked Kingdom collectors edition, by monolime



A book that you value the most in your collection

It wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t answer with Six of Crows, but it has to be my special limited edition proof that I was very kindly sent by a friend. I think I’ll treasure it forever, and it sits right in the middle of my SoC shelf – pride of place.



A book that stabbed you in the heart with feels

There are many books that have stabbed me in the heart with feels, but one that did it recently was Clap When You Land. It’s such a brilliant verse novel, and accurately writes about grief from two girls who have both lost their father. I couldn’t put this one down, and it definitely made me feel tearful. Beautifully written, and a must buy.



A book that you took a gamble on that paid off

I think for me this has to be Red, White and Royal Blue. I’d heard a few good things but also heard a lot of bad reviews too – which I guess is the case with most books. I eventually caved and read the book, and utterly enjoyed every single second.



A favourite book with an awesome magic system

For this one, I’m going to say The Gilded Wolves. The magic system was really clever and also mysterious too. I particularly love Laila’s ability to read the memories tied to objects. I can’t wait to see more in the sequel!



A book that seemed intimidating, but you really enjoyed by the end

I kept putting off reading The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet because I felt that I’d be intimidated by the fact that it was a sci-fi read. However, once I finally got into it, I found that this book was utterly delightful and I kick myself weekly that I didn’t read it immediately.



A book that had a surprising ending

A book that really shocked me at the end – in a good way – was Ninth House! I really wasn’t prepared for the twist at the end with one of the main characters, and I raced through the last few chapters on a train home from Bruges, and then spent the journey home in pure shock and surprise. I should reread soon…



A book that you have a fiery passion for

I am so passionate for lots of books, but right now I think it’s got to be A Kind of Spark. This book is utterly superb, and even if you don’t often read middle-grade books you should pick this up. It’s so strong and teaches excellent lessons about standing up for what is right and what you believe in despite people wanting you to be quiet.


A book that you felt betrayed you

I felt so betrayed by Aurora Burning – purely because of that major cliffhanger ending! How could you do that to me, book?! I sat in such rage and disbelief and shock because HOW COULD IT END LIKE THAT?!


A book with a stunning cover that you didn’t love

I hate to say it, but The Gravity of Us. Such a stunning cover – illustrated too which is one of my favourite types of book cover. But the book itself was rather lacklustre, and I felt disappointed with it. It could have been better.


A book that you thought about for weeks after finishing it

Hoo boy, that definitely has to be The Black Flamingo. In a positive way, that book stuck with me for weeks – and still sticks now every time I read a quote shared on social media. It’s a book that I finally saw myself in, and that’s such a big deal – especially for Black readers and readers of colour who may have never seen themselves represented so well in a book before.


A book character that you wish had more page time

For me, that’s got to be Guil from Dangerous Remedy! I adored Guil so much and he seems like such an intriguing character, but there just wasn’t enough from him. I’m really hoping that in the sequel there’ll be more of him on the page.

If you want to take part, you’re more than welcome to! Make sure to tag back to this blog post and credit me if you do take part!

For now, I’m tagging:

Emily @ A Short Book Lover

Kavita @ Avid Bibliophile

Katherine @ The Writing Hideout


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