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#SixForSunday – Favourite Blog Posts

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm back on the #SixForSunday blog posts. Every Sunday there is a different prompt (which can be found over here) about books, characters, blog posts and other bookish things. This Sunday, the prompt is... Favourite blog posts you've written Those Beloved Books: Harry Potter I enjoyed everything about this post - from… Continue reading #SixForSunday – Favourite Blog Posts

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Those Beloved Books: Harry Potter

I bet you were all wondering when this post was coming, right? Well, grab a butterbeer and sit yourself by the common room fire. Perhaps you've just finished a thrilling Quidditch game, or you're coming back from classes with tons of Charms homework. Worry not! Relax, because I'm going to tell you about why I… Continue reading Those Beloved Books: Harry Potter