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Every time I see a fantasy hailed as the next Six of Crows, I step cautiously. Aside from knowing the content of those books like the back of my hand, there's something special about the feel of those books as well as how the characters all work together. The amount of books that I've read… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: DANGEROUS REMEDY

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Right from the get go, I know that this was going to be a tear-jerker of a read. I didn't quite realise how dark it would get, and often while reading I found that I had a sick, anxious feeling in my stomach at the troubles these characters were facing. However, it was an excellent… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: AND THE STARS WERE BURNING BRIGHTLY

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I’m back again with another roundup post! Although I only posted recently about some of my 2019 books, those were really just looking back on the ones I anticipated loving. This post will be all about my top favourite books of 2019, and a breakdown on why I loved them so much! I’m keeping this… Continue reading BOOK LIST: MY 2019 FAVOURITES

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BOOK REVIEW: Redwood and Ponytail

This book was beautiful in so many ways, and at times really hurt my heart with how good it was. Huge thanks to Abrams Publishing for sending me an early readers copy to read and review! I am, of course, always excited to read new LGBT+ fiction, so to read this book about two girls… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Redwood and Ponytail

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I never used to enjoy reading poetry. It would remind me of the days in school where we would endlessly have to annotate and break down somewhat miserable poems. In fact, the only poem I can remember resonating with in school was one called 'Half-Caste' by John Agard, a poem that tells the reader that… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – THE BLACK FLAMINGO

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BOOK REVIEW: Can Everyone Please Calm Down?

I received some excellent book post recently, a book that I'd been wanting to read for a while! Huge thanks to Wren & Rook publishing for sending me a reviewer copy of Can Everyone Please Calm Down? by Mae Martin! I really enjoyed this book - I don't often read non-fiction, but LGBT+ non-fiction was… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Can Everyone Please Calm Down?

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BOOK REVIEW: Heartstopper 2

Heartstopper is BACK! Our favourite boys Nick and Charlie return after the cliffhanger ending of volume one, which saw them kiss at a party before Nick hurried away, seemingly embarrassed. Nick and Charlie are best friends. Nick knows that Charlie is gay, and Charlie is sure that Nick isn't. But love works in surprising ways,… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Heartstopper 2

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BOOK LIST: LGBT+ Graphic Novels

Lots of people don't know where to start when it comes to graphic novels, but sometimes the only way to start is to dive right in! When it comes to LGBT+ content, graphic novels have shown themselves as strong contenders for excellent content. So for Pride month, I thought I'd pull together a list of… Continue reading BOOK LIST: LGBT+ Graphic Novels