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BOOK LIST: A Beginners Guide to…YA LGBT+ Books

Books can be a source of comfort for many readers, but can also be a source of self discovery too. Often, readers will turn to books with LGBT+ representation to learn about themselves, their friends or their family members.  It's reassuring for readers to see a character in a book that they can look to… Continue reading BOOK LIST: A Beginners Guide to…YA LGBT+ Books

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The Twitter POC Masterlist

A few weeks ago there was quite a bit of mess on Twitter in the book community, resulting in many readers and authors, the majority being POC, dealing with quite a lot of shit. In an attempt to bring a bit of joy to the situation, I asked people to respond to my tweet telling… Continue reading The Twitter POC Masterlist

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PROUD BLOG TOUR: Favourite LGBT+ Characters

Hello everyone! Today, I'm taking part in the PROUD blog tour, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a list of my favourite LGBT+ characters. You may notice that quite a few of them come from books by Alice Oseman. Reason being is that she writes such exceptional and relatable LGBT+ characters, and… Continue reading PROUD BLOG TOUR: Favourite LGBT+ Characters