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BOOK REVIEW – Noah Could Never

Huge thanks to Scholastic for sending out a review copy of Noah Could Never for me! If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the first book and this one is no exception. So buckle in, because I’m going to be reviewing the book that made me both laugh out loud and cringe from secondhand embarrassment. Warning for mild spoilers in this review!

Noah and Harry have gone from friends to boyfriends, but is Noah ready for the difference? It doesn’t help that a group of French exchange students have descended onto Little Fobbing, including sexy Pierre Victorie, who appears to have his eye on Harry. Meanwhile, Noah is paired up with a girl who, outrageously, is German NOT EVEN FRENCH!!

But that’s not all: Noah’s being followed! By mysterious strangers in a black car! Is it because:

  1. Noah’s dad and secret half-brother have stolen Gran’s fake diamonds?
  2. His PE teacher is getting suspicious cash infusions from Russia?
  3. A drag queen is hiding out at Noah’s house after a bare-knuckled drag feud?
  4. Noah’s made some questionable life choices involving protein powder?

Once again, this book proved to be a riot to read. Simon James Green perfectly writes humour in YA, and I found myself giggling so many times! The characters are once again very well written, with Gran proving to be a great source of knowledge and comfort – she’s like an agony aunt but without a filter. Whenever she is on the page, you’ll have tears in your eyes from either laughing or being fondly touched by her words. Another character I fondly loved was that of Bambi, drag queen extraordinaire. Bambi is hilarious, and knows exactly how to make Noah feel awkward or embarrassed. She’s dead set on taking the London drag scene by storm, knowing it’ll be far away from the feud she’s started with the other queens. Out of Bambi getup, Mick is every bit as a riot as his alter ego. The scene in London where Noah and Harry are taken aback by how comfortable gay people are in Soho was so sweet to see, and I think definitely helped Harry’s confidence as well as Noah’s.

Noah and Harry’s relationship has kicked up a notch. They’re still coming to terms with being a couple, which is super cute. They enjoy kissing and cuddling a lot, and are very much the poster boys for young love. Noah is full of self-doubt, however. He worries he isn’t attractive enough for Harry, and that Harry could choose someone better than him. At these moments I wanted to really hug Noah tight, as those feelings are truly awful for him to be experiencing. Of course, in true Noah fashion, he decides to join the gym instead of talking about his feelings with Harry. His internal crisis continues when the French exchange students arrive, and Harry is of course paired with Pierre, the most handsome of the bunch who also happens to be gay. Noah is determined to not let him get between himself and Harry, but his diversion tactics start leading down a very wrong path indeed…

There are also many scenes where I held my head in my hands and screamed “Why, Noah?! WHY?!” He can be so dim at times, which is what makes his character so endearing. He’ll get himself into awkward and uncomfortable situations and won’t fess up or get help until it’s far too late. There is a moment where he lies to Harry and as soon as he did it, I wanted to shove the words back into his mouth. Noah is one of those speak now, think later type of characters, which you can see does start to get on Harry’s nerves. Despite this, I think they’re a truly loveable and wonderful couple, and this book proves that there is much more to see about their relationship!

Final thought: Oh, Noah. How wonderful and dim you are. 5/5


3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW – Noah Could Never

  1. This is one of the next things on my TBR- loved Noah Can’t Even so I’m very excited to see what he gets up to next. And I was cackling at the first few chapters when I couldn’t resist peeking inside on the day my copy arrived.
    Amy x

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  2. So after reading the first few lines of your review, I clearly need to read the first book of this series! I didn’t want to spoil anything, so just know I’m super excited that you introduced me to this series! 🙂


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